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The story of Chelsea, The Car Lady

Chelsea opened The Car Lady Automotive LLC in October of 2022 to bring comfort, knowledge, and confidence to the Northern Colorado area. Chelsea has been in the automotive industry since 2016, she was a Mainline Technician at Ford and successfully completed the Aims Community College Automotive Service Technology Program. Chelsea also ran an all female car club to help with inclusivity, to motivate and empower women to get involved in the car community/industry as well as to just help educate women about cars in general. Needless to say, Chelsea is incredibly passionate about taking care of her community.

Chelsea questioned her place in the industry for quite some time, she always knew this was where she belonged but just wasn't sure how until she opened The Car Lady Automotive LLC.


Our work is guaranteed to build trust with our customers because we know the struggle of finding a trustworthy mechanic. We guarantee to our customers that our work is done at the highest standard, ensuring that your vehicle meets all regulations and is safe to drive on the road.

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